Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Cardinal Newman Senior Charlotte

Charlotte is as adorable and sweet as she looks! She had so many fun ideas from the balloons, books and glitter to a beautiful bohemian chic look with a teepee. I love working in a studio setting and the bubble gum pink background was a perfect match for Charlotte’s  girly, girl looks. The lovely floral, bell sleeved dress and bohemian looks were photographed “on location” in Petaluma. These brought out a more reflective, chill vibe.  Charlotte with be attending college in South Carolina this fall. WAY TO GO CHARLOTTE !!!!!

Charlotte1  Charlotte3 Charlotte4 Charlotte6 Charlotte7 Charlotte8 Charlotte9 Charlotte10 Charlotte11 Charlotte12 Charlotte13 charlotte14 Charlotte15 Charlotte16 Charlotte17 Charlotte18 Charlotte19 Charlotte20 Charlotte21 Charlotte22

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