Charlotte & Abe/ Senior portraits/ A girl and her horse

Senior portrait with horses

Meet Charlotte and her horse Abe! Charlotte is an Ambassador for Mary J Murphy Senior Portraits from Petaluma High School . We met at Chocolate Horse Farm where we both ride horses a couple of years ago. Several months ago I saw her at St. Vincent’s Senior prom all done up in a beautiful dress with hair and makeup. I had know idea who she was but I knew she was someone I knew. Normally I see Charlotte in riding breeches & boots with her hair tucked into a helmet. It took a couple of hours until I realized who she was.

Abe is Charlotte’s 6 year old warmblood horse. Together, Charlotte & Abe compete in Three Day Eventing. A breathtaking sport that includes Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country Jumping. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Charlotte & Abe were photographed at Chocolate Horse Farm in Petaluma!


Sunset with a girl and horse
image of girl making a wish
girl riding bareback in a field
girl walking in forest

Sophie’s Spring Senior portrait Session

Photographed in the beautiful Sonoma County countryside with spring wildflowers, puffy clouds and a stunning sunset set the scene for Sophie’s Senior portraits. In this series, I love how the many sides of this beautiful young woman are displayed. From sweet to fierce and everything in between. Thank you Jennifer and Sophie for having me as your photographer!

girl in field of flowers

Sonoma County Equestrian Senior Portraits/ Hannah and her Arabians

This is a photo shoot I’ve been meaning to share for a while……There are just so many photos I loved, it was hard to narrow down.

Hannah was photographed last fall at her home and fabulous horse ranch “Hidden Gem Farms” in Petaluma. The name suites it perfectly! The idyllic ranch was recently purchased by the family and focuses on the Arabian breed. HGF Performance Trainer Donna Waggoner (Hannah’s trainer) came to Hidden Gems to work with the Arabians and her clients. Hannah, an accomplished rider, practices the riding disciplines of Saddle Seat and Sidesaddle! With Mom, Julie Scudder-Feldman in charge of putting together the stunning riding attire and props. Hannah pulling favs from her closet, the styling options were endless. I wish I could have photographed all of them! Not to mention, beautiful places to shoot at every turn.

Three different horses were used for the photo shoot. Malieka, a stunning mare, is seen in the Sidesaddle photos. Kaz was ridden in the Saddle Seat photos and Bogie (PS Huk Me Up) is seen in the first set of bareback photos with Hannah in the forest green sweater. Being a dressage rider myself for the past 15 years, I can certainly see the talent and beauty of Hannah’s riding and these exquisite horses. 


girl sitting bareback on her horse in a lavender romper

Bay Area Senior Portrait Photographer/Alyssa’s San Francisco shoot

Girl in San Francisco with Cable Car

On a gorgeous San Francisco day in fall…..( Always the best time of year for the city in my opinion) Alyssa, Sharon & I met at iconic Alamo Square Park to start our shoot. This was the first time I’ve done a Senior shoot in the city! Parking was definitely the most challenging part of the whole experience. After shooting at Alamo Square Park we made our way downtown, pretty much winging it at this point. We ended up on Nob Hill which couldn’t have been more perfect! Cable cars and stellar views down every street, not to mention the beautiful Fairmont! Thank you Alyssa for such a FANTASTIC DAY!!!

Girl in San Francisco with Cable Car

Bay area senior portrait photographer/ Blue Velvet Valentine

The blue crushed velvet and Carmel’s eyes were absolutely mesmerizing……. this is only one portion of the photoshoot which was perfectly planned during a break in this crazy rainy season. Valentine’s Day is this week and these photos capture the fun and fashion of the season. The blue velvet dress is from OOH LA LOFT. Makeup by Mandy at Sensational Skin Petaluma, Hair by Rapunzel’s. It all came together like perfectly at the French inspired hotel ,The Metro. This is a style I like to call Modern/Vintage! A perfect combo of the new and the old, the trendy and the classic. This shoot was so special because ,when Carmel was three, I had the pleasure of photographing her during a family portrait shoot! Carmel is now a Senior attending  St. Vincent’s High School. It’s just amazing seeing the little girl I photographed 15 years ago all grown up and so incredibly beautiful, both inside and out.

Jullie B/Cardinal Newman High School/wine country Senior photography

Deep in the Kenwood area of Sonoma’s wine country you’ll find some of the most beautiful winery’s and Inn’s…….This very special photo shoot was for Cardinal Newman’s beautiful Jullie Bundesen! Jullie is one of my 2017 Senior models and was featured in the “Road Trip” photo shoot. The photos were taken in 2 different locations in Kenwood…..The Kenwood Inn & Spa and the Ledson Winery. We had special access to these 2 AMAZING locations because of Jullie’s family ties. Her Grandfather did the stunning masonry work at Ledson! Funny story…Once we arrived at Ledson, Jullie locked her keys (with her wardrobe) in the car. Another set of keys was at least an hour away. However, just before I left for the shoot, I grabbed a beautiful maxi dress just purchased from OOH LA LOFT,  just in case. So that saved the day and was perfect for the interior shots at the winery! Jullie’s wardrobe from OOH LA LOFT. Makeup by MAC.



Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Julia’s fall winery session

Julia’s photos were taken at a BEAUTIFUL winery in Sonoma…..She wore the most adorable feminine floral vintage style dress for the first look. Mom, Leslie made a floral crown to add to some of the photos! And those purple lace up heels are to die for! Julia is the youngest of 3 sisters ( Emily and Maddie) and all three girls had there Senior photos done at this winery by me. Each of them very different but yet with enough similarities that there is continuity. Leslie had this well planned out from the beginning. Check out all of Julia’s style below….Makeup is by the VERY talented Brittney Lee!


Petaluma Senior Photographer/ Andee’s Retro downtown session

Andee is a recent St. Mary’s college graduate and fellow photographer!!! The photo shoot took place in Petaluma’s historic downtown on an overcast day. I used to shy away from shooting on a day that was any thing less than sunshine, but I’ve come to really enjoy challenging myself to get beautiful lighting in any circumstance. Andee was an absolute delight to shoot with her super cool retro styles (love the wayfarers) and authentic, sweet vibes that show through in the images.


Petaluma/Santa Rosa Senior photographer/1970’s California Road Trip

Boho styled girls

It was love at first sight when I saw the Native American trading post in Sebastopol on HWY. 116!!! Some of my favorite memories of being a child was driving to Montana to visit my Grandparents and cousins. It would usually take several days and along the way were Indian Trading Posts. They were always filled with treasures you’d never see anywhere else. Sebastopol’s “Native Rider’s” is the only Trading Post in between Arizona And Washington state. They have beautiful American made hats, furs clothing and exquisite vintage jewelry. (check out the squash blossom necklaces in this shoot) Definitely worth checking out! Thank you Native Rider’s for letting us shoot there! Or crash your establishment on Memorial Day! I can’t say enough about how wonderful these Senior models are! They include Makenna Mattei and Maddie Kenyon Mattei from Casa Grande, Ashley Ayers from Petaluma, Haley Antonini from St. Vincent’s and Jullie Bundesen from Cardinal Newman.Thank you so much!!! You girls ROCK!!!

We literally went on a little Road trip in Sebastopol hitting some awesome and funky spots for this shoot. The styling is by me with input from each model. The girls did their own hair & makeup for a natural “road trip” look. My inspiration and some of the clothes are from Spell Designs Australia, surprise,surprise! #Spelladdict



Bay Area Boudoir Photographer/ Jessica’s summer rain editorial

The plan was set in motion……Jessica wanted to do a special boudoir editorial shoot with her boyfriend’s other love, his Mustang! Don’t ask me what year it is, I’m a girl, come on. She had made up an excuse for having to have it on the day we had scheduled the shoot and getting it away from her boyfriend was no easy task. The forecast was calling for rain but I was keeping my fingers crossed! Jessica was photographed at Bloomfield Farm and THANK GOD, they had a barn we were able to pull the car into and stay dry, at least for a while. We did make it up to a wispy knoll and then it began to rain! Not to hard, just a little bit. We decided to go with it and get a little wet, and those are my favorites. A little wet and wild. Jessica’s AMAZING shoes are all Louboutin’s! The white faux fur is “For Love and Lemons

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