Sonoma County Equestrian Senior Portraits/ Hannah and her Arabians

This is a photo shoot I’ve been meaning to share for a while……There are just so many photos I loved, it was hard to narrow down.

Hannah was photographed last fall at her home and fabulous horse ranch “Hidden Gem Farms” in Petaluma. The name suites it perfectly! The idyllic ranch was recently purchased by the family and focuses on the Arabian breed. HGF Performance Trainer Donna Waggoner (Hannah’s trainer) came to Hidden Gems to work with the Arabians and her clients. Hannah, an accomplished rider, practices the riding disciplines of Saddle Seat and Sidesaddle! With Mom, Julie Scudder-Feldman in charge of putting together the stunning riding attire and props. Hannah pulling favs from her closet, the styling options were endless. I wish I could have photographed all of them! Not to mention, beautiful places to shoot at every turn.

Three different horses were used for the photo shoot. Malieka, a stunning mare, is seen in the Sidesaddle photos. Kaz was ridden in the Saddle Seat photos and Bogie (PS Huk Me Up) is seen in the first set of bareback photos with Hannah in the forest green sweater. Being a dressage rider myself for the past 15 years, I can certainly see the talent and beauty of Hannah’s riding and these exquisite horses. 


girl sitting bareback on her horse in a lavender romper

Holiday Family Photos/ Courtney and Peter’s Lifestyle Holiday family photo shoot

For almost a year, I’ve wanted to share this wonderful holiday family photo shoot! Courtney and I have been friends for about 15 years! We both ride at Chocolate Horse Farm and share the love of horses and riding! Courtney and her husband Peter recently restored a beautiful Victorian, complete with a carriage house on Petaluma’s west side. The home and the wonderful family inside it made for a lively and fun shoot which included brunch, games and lots of antics! Courtney and Peter’s 4 children and the family dog Daisy were the focus of the first part of the shoot. Later we were joined by Courtney’s Mom (also Courtney) and her husband Joe from Washington D.C./ Florida and her brother Harley and his family from Texas. Here is the back of the family’s Holiday Card this year which some of the amazing things they have been up to……




PF37   PF08        PF16 PF17 PF18 PF19 PF20 PF21 PF22 PF23 PF24 PF25 PF26 PF27 PF28 PF29 PF30 PF31 PF32 PF33 PF34 PF35 PF36


Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Julia’s fall winery session

Julia’s photos were taken at a BEAUTIFUL winery in Sonoma…..She wore the most adorable feminine floral vintage style dress for the first look. Mom, Leslie made a floral crown to add to some of the photos! And those purple lace up heels are to die for! Julia is the youngest of 3 sisters ( Emily and Maddie) and all three girls had there Senior photos done at this winery by me. Each of them very different but yet with enough similarities that there is continuity. Leslie had this well planned out from the beginning. Check out all of Julia’s style below….Makeup is by the VERY talented Brittney Lee!


Petaluma-Bay-Area Senior portrait photographer-August 2015 Senior magazine

The Modern Girl Senior magazine is here!

Modern Girl Senior magazine is full of inspiration and tips for Seniors!

Here is what you’ll find inside… Or view it on

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Petaluma senior portrait photographer/ Shanelle’s city chic & country sweet session

Every once in a while, I get a client that absolutely blows me away with their natural modeling ability and she’s drop dead gorgeous! Oh, and did I mention she’s super down to earth and just a genuinely nice person? Shanelle ( even her name is awesome) is definitely one of these amazing clients. Honestly , I didn’t see it coming during our consultation! But WOW, add some fabulous clothes, hair & make up and a stunning model shines through! She has a great eye for style and what colors look best with her hair & completion. Since I offer up to 6 clothing changes with most of the Senior Portrait sessions, I recommend making the most of your looks. Shanelle really varied her looks from a chic, uptown look ( complete with vintage accessories from very special family members) to charming and soft country looks including a fresh daisy crown made by yours truly.






Petaluma Senior Portrait Photographer/ Madi’s Field of Dreams Photo shoot

Meet Madi…. One of my LOVELY Senior Models for the Casa Grande High School class of 2014! Madi styled photo shoot was photographed on historic  D Street and in a field on the outskirts of town. For the shoot, I made a lovely fresh flower crown out of daisies. I LOVE fresh flowers! Wardrobe by Ooh La Loft and yours truly!














Petaluma senior portrait photographer/Downtown Chic and Country Sweet


Niki was a DREAM to photograph! We came up with some super fun ideas at her consult and they all came together perfectly for her shoot. Niki brought some adorable outfits and I added to them with some of my fun accessories. Niki is also a dancer and shows off some of her mad dancing skills! I love working with dancers because they have great body awareness from head to toe and are terrific at posing. I absolutely LOVED working with you Niki!!!!












































bay area senior portrait artist / Shin Mei’s Sonoma winery shoot

Shin Mei means beautiful heart in Chinese. Aside from a truly beautiful heart, this gorgeous young lady is the most accomplished person I’ve ever met! Last summer Shin Mei swam a 10k ( 6.2 miles) in the frigid bay from the Golden Gate bridge to the Bay bridge with no wetsuit! She’s president of the Academic Decathlon, president of the Honors Society, president of the Casa Grande Band Council and has her sites set on becoming president of the Science Club and Music Club next year!!! She’s also been playing the piano since the age of 5. During our photo shoot, Shin Mei sat down at the piano and flawlessly performed Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude”–Opus 10, No.12. to the amazement of everyone in the winery! In her spare time ( how she has any is beyond me!) Shin Mei paints and loves to read. Shin Mei is hoping to attend Stanford in the fall of 2014! I had such a wonderful time spending time and getting to know this delightful young lady and her family. Makeup by Lindsay De La Garza.

Sonoma county senior portrait photographer/ Marissa’s california beach shoot

On the most amazing beach day ….. that means sunshine and no wind, Marissa, Cindy ( Marissa’s Mom) and yours truly set out for Dillan Beach. We had been planning our shoot for several weeks and I had been busy making some props like the Indian Headdress and the teepee just for our shoot! We loaded up my mint green beach cruiser and tons of adorable clothes and accessories and headed out. Marissa seemed like she had been modeling forever and was a delight to work with! We styled quite a few different looks from Vintage with the beach cruiser, American Indian (super fun), Marissa in her bathing suit running down the beach (she runs track at school) and simply Marissa (her own style).





Bay Area Senior portrait artist/ Emily’s Modern Americana Session


Emily is one of my Senior Models for the Casa Grande class of 2014! Emily, along with he mother Lisa & I met before her shoot at Robindira Unsworth’s boutique to put together the outfits for her styled shoot. Emily has the most beautiful wardrobe ever! There were so many amazing choices, my head was spinning with the possibilities. In addition to the fabulous wardrobe……. the accessory options were off the hook! Lisa manages Robindira’s store and had a vast collection of  her jewelry pieces plus we were able to pull items from the store! I knew I wanted to shoot at the chic Metro Hotel in downtown Petaluma. The colors we pulled that would work at the bright red building were red, white and blue (not the usually shade) and black. Blue being the accent color. Special thanks to Lisa Panacci for all your work on this project!