bay area senior portrait artist / Shin Mei’s Sonoma winery shoot

Shin Mei means beautiful heart in Chinese. Aside from a truly beautiful heart, this gorgeous young lady is the most accomplished person I’ve ever met! Last summer Shin Mei swam a 10k ( 6.2 miles) in the frigid bay from the Golden Gate bridge to the Bay bridge with no wetsuit! She’s president of the Academic Decathlon, president of the Honors Society, president of the Casa Grande Band Council and has her sites set on becoming president of the Science Club and Music Club next year!!! She’s also been playing the piano since the age of 5. During our photo shoot, Shin Mei sat down at the piano and flawlessly performed Chopin’s “Revolutionary Etude”–Opus 10, No.12. to the amazement of everyone in the winery! In her spare time ( how she has any is beyond me!) Shin Mei paints and loves to read. Shin Mei is hoping to attend Stanford in the fall of 2014! I had such a wonderful time spending time and getting to know this delightful young lady and her family. Makeup by Lindsay De La Garza.

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