Hailey’s Fall Sunset Senior photos

This fall photoshoot with Hailey was simply magical!!!

Hailey and I met for a consultation before the photoshoot to discuss all the details. Hailey wanted that beautiful sunset lighting for her senior photos. Late fall and winter offer the most lovely lighting and sunsets of the year. The trick is getting a day that’s not too cold especially if you don’t want to be limited to a winter wardrobe. Hailey was incredibly fun to photograph. And yes, incredibly beautiful onside and out! There were so many photos from this photo shoot that we loved, it was hard to narrow them down!

Senior girl in a field at sunset
Senior girl in urban setting Petaluma
Senior girl photographed at sunset
Senior girl sitting on a dock with a golden pond
Senior girl in urban setting Petaluma
Sonoma County Golden Hour
Senior photo headshot with hat
Senior Sonoma County Senior
Senior photo urban setting

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