Jullie B/Cardinal Newman High School/wine country Senior photography

Deep in the Kenwood area of Sonoma’s wine country you’ll find some of the most beautiful winery’s and Inn’s…….This very special photo shoot was for Cardinal Newman’s beautiful Jullie Bundesen! Jullie is one of my 2017 Senior models and was featured in the “Road Trip” photo shoot. The photos were taken in 2 different locations in Kenwood…..The Kenwood Inn & Spa and the Ledson Winery. We had special access to these 2 AMAZING locations because of Jullie’s family ties. Her Grandfather did the stunning masonry work at Ledson! Funny story…Once we arrived at Ledson, Jullie locked her keys (with her wardrobe) in the car. Another set of keys was at least an hour away. However, just before I left for the shoot, I grabbed a beautiful maxi dress just purchased from OOH LA LOFT,  just in case. So that saved the day and was perfect for the interior shots at the winery! Jullie’s wardrobe from OOH LA LOFT. Makeup by MAC.



Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Julia’s fall winery session

Julia’s photos were taken at a BEAUTIFUL winery in Sonoma…..She wore the most adorable feminine floral vintage style dress for the first look. Mom, Leslie made a floral crown to add to some of the photos! And those purple lace up heels are to die for! Julia is the youngest of 3 sisters ( Emily and Maddie) and all three girls had there Senior photos done at this winery by me. Each of them very different but yet with enough similarities that there is continuity. Leslie had this well planned out from the beginning. Check out all of Julia’s style below….Makeup is by the VERY talented Brittney Lee!


Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Cardinal Newman Senior Charlotte

Charlotte is as adorable and sweet as she looks! She had so many fun ideas from the balloons, books and glitter to a beautiful bohemian chic look with a teepee. I love working in a studio setting and the bubble gum pink background was a perfect match for Charlotte’s  girly, girl looks. The lovely floral, bell sleeved dress and bohemian looks were photographed “on location” in Petaluma. These brought out a more reflective, chill vibe.  Charlotte with be attending college in South Carolina this fall. WAY TO GO CHARLOTTE !!!!!

Charlotte1  Charlotte3 Charlotte4 Charlotte6 Charlotte7 Charlotte8 Charlotte9 Charlotte10 Charlotte11 Charlotte12 Charlotte13 charlotte14 Charlotte15 Charlotte16 Charlotte17 Charlotte18 Charlotte19 Charlotte20 Charlotte21 Charlotte22

Petaluma senior portrait photographer/Downtown Chic and Country Sweet


Niki was a DREAM to photograph! We came up with some super fun ideas at her consult and they all came together perfectly for her shoot. Niki brought some adorable outfits and I added to them with some of my fun accessories. Niki is also a dancer and shows off some of her mad dancing skills! I love working with dancers because they have great body awareness from head to toe and are terrific at posing. I absolutely LOVED working with you Niki!!!!