Petaluma Senior photographer/ Lauren’s traditional saree and boho photoshoot

Lauren is a senior at St. Vincent’s in Petaluma! Her photo shoot is a beautiful combination of traditional (with her beautiful and colorful sarees) to boho chic. Lauren’s grandmother came quite a distance to help her with the sarees. These are such exquisite pieces, I wish I had a reason to wear one! For the most part, the sarees were photographed in the studio, but I also thought it would be amazing to have the wind blowing them. Lucky us, it was a windy day! I used to hate photographing on windy days but I’ve come to embrace it. It’s so lovely and real to have the a light wind in the hair and flowy fabrics. Although when it came to the teepee, the wind was a bit much LOL! I loved working with Lauren, capturing her traditional and boho looks!

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