Jullie B/Cardinal Newman High School/wine country Senior photography

Deep in the Kenwood area of Sonoma’s wine country you’ll find some of the most beautiful winery’s and Inn’s…….This very special photo shoot was for Cardinal Newman’s beautiful Jullie Bundesen! Jullie is one of my 2017 Senior models and was featured in the “Road Trip” photo shoot. The photos were taken in 2 different locations in Kenwood…..The Kenwood Inn & Spa and the Ledson Winery. We had special access to these 2 AMAZING locations because of Jullie’s family ties. Her Grandfather did the stunning masonry work at Ledson! Funny story…Once we arrived at Ledson, Jullie locked her keys (with her wardrobe) in the car. Another set of keys was at least an hour away. However, just before I left for the shoot, I grabbed a beautiful maxi dress just purchased from OOH LA LOFT,  just in case. So that saved the day and was perfect for the interior shots at the winery! Jullie’s wardrobe from OOH LA LOFT. Makeup by MAC.



Santa Rosa Senior photographer/ Julia’s fall winery session

Julia’s photos were taken at a BEAUTIFUL winery in Sonoma…..She wore the most adorable feminine floral vintage style dress for the first look. Mom, Leslie made a floral crown to add to some of the photos! And those purple lace up heels are to die for! Julia is the youngest of 3 sisters ( Emily and Maddie) and all three girls had there Senior photos done at this winery by me. Each of them very different but yet with enough similarities that there is continuity. Leslie had this well planned out from the beginning. Check out all of Julia’s style below….Makeup is by the VERY talented Brittney Lee!


Petaluma/Santa Rosa Senior photographer/1970’s California Road Trip

Boho styled girls

It was love at first sight when I saw the Native American trading post in Sebastopol on HWY. 116!!! Some of my favorite memories of being a child was driving to Montana to visit my Grandparents and cousins. It would usually take several days and along the way were Indian Trading Posts. They were always filled with treasures you’d never see anywhere else. Sebastopol’s “Native Rider’s” is the only Trading Post in between Arizona And Washington state. They have beautiful American made hats, furs clothing and exquisite vintage jewelry. (check out the squash blossom necklaces in this shoot) Definitely worth checking out! Thank you Native Rider’s for letting us shoot there! Or crash your establishment on Memorial Day! I can’t say enough about how wonderful these Senior models are! They include Makenna Mattei and Maddie Kenyon Mattei from Casa Grande, Ashley Ayers from Petaluma, Haley Antonini from St. Vincent’s and Jullie Bundesen from Cardinal Newman.Thank you so much!!! You girls ROCK!!!

We literally went on a little Road trip in Sebastopol hitting some awesome and funky spots for this shoot. The styling is by me with input from each model. The girls did their own hair & makeup for a natural “road trip” look. My inspiration and some of the clothes are from Spell Designs Australia, surprise,surprise! #Spelladdict



Bay Area Senior photographer/ Bohemian Beach/ class of 2017 model shoot

Bohemian Beach was photographed on Dillan Beach in Marin. Senior models are Julia Stark from Casa Grande, Julia Hunter from St. Vincent’s and Kendall Middlebrook from Analy. Makeup by Blush Petaluma. Wardrobe from Spell Designs, Byron Bay Australia. Mandala tapestries from Ooh La Loft Petaluma.


Bay Area Senior Photographer/ Tess’s Modern/Vintage photo shoot

First, Let me tell you there are LOTS of photos in this blog. 60 to be exact! Maybe it’s because I find it difficult to edit myself…LOL. But……. I fell in LOVE Tess’s photos! This photo shoot was done just before Christmas on a stunningly beautiful winter day. About an hour into our shoot I asked Tess if she ever considered modeling…..She laughed and said ” you probably say that to all your clients.” ” No, no, I don’t” I replied. I’m serious! Tess said she was too shy and awkward to consider modeling. I disagreed with her saying, she may be shy, but the awkward was more quirky, and only in the best possible way! The kind of quirky that makes you stand out as an individual. I’m always looking for that special spark in the people I photograph, that thing that makes them unique, that makes them who they are. That’s when you find a person’s true inner and outer beauty!

Tess chose to GLAM it up for her shoot. She wore a FABULOUS red vintage dress with a white tulle skirt to add fullness. A simply glamorous forest green gown that made her look like a 1940’s movie star. The wool cape with the cutoffs is a vintage piece that was made in London that I picked up at OOH LA LOFT. The adorable, super feminine ruffled strapless dress was paired with one of my favorite pieces, a white faux fur from FOR LOVE and LEMONS.

Tess was photographed in Petaluma, on the historical west side. Yes, I found the new mural in the alley and I LOVE IT!!!



Bay Area Senior photographer/ Olivia’s boho beach shoot

Beautiful Olivia was simply AMAZING to work with on this Gypsylovinlight inspired photoshoot at Dillan Beach. In case you’re not familiar with Helen Janneson Bense a.k.a. Gypsylovinlight, she’s an Australian beach goddess that rules Instagram with her beachy style and layers of gorgeous jewelry and flash tattoos. Olivia owned this shoot with her stunning natural beauty and easy California vibe! Wardrobe and flash tattoos for this shoot are from the lovelies at OOH LA LOFT. Makeup by MAC. Jewelry by GRACE BIJOU and Spell Design Australia. Olivia is a Senior model  for me representing the Class of 2016 and is a Senior at St.Vincent’s Petaluma! This blog post is part 1 of 2. Coming up…… the sky blue gown on the beach. Olivia in this dress , on the beach, needs a post all to itself


Petaluma/North Bay Senior photographer/ Nicole’s couture session

The first time I met Nicole was photographing Old Adobe School’s Spring photos at least 10 years ago! Nicole and her sister Michelle were photographed every year I came to the school through their elementary school years. I always thought the two sisters were absolutely adorable and I always enjoyed photographing them! It was so perfect that Nicole was one of my senior models this year! It’s so great to see what a beautiful and thoughtful young woman you’ve become . And hello…. those eyes!!!! Nikki’s session was split up into 2 days. One day we shot in downtown Petaluma with a more glam and chic look and the second day wearing curly hair and embracing her ranch life style. Also very chic! I LOVE that she chose to wear a formal gown on the ranch, such a modern-classic look. Nicole’s makeup is done by the fabulous Nancy Ghattas-Mughannam at Blush Petaluma.




































Petaluma Senior photographer/ Lauren’s traditional saree and boho photoshoot

Lauren is a senior at St. Vincent’s in Petaluma! Her photo shoot is a beautiful combination of traditional (with her beautiful and colorful sarees) to boho chic. Lauren’s grandmother came quite a distance to help her with the sarees. These are such exquisite pieces, I wish I had a reason to wear one! For the most part, the sarees were photographed in the studio, but I also thought it would be amazing to have the wind blowing them. Lucky us, it was a windy day! I used to hate photographing on windy days but I’ve come to embrace it. It’s so lovely and real to have the a light wind in the hair and flowy fabrics. Although when it came to the teepee, the wind was a bit much LOL! I loved working with Lauren, capturing her traditional and boho looks!

Petaluma/Bay Area Senior Session/Audrey’s Retro editorial shoot

Retro, vintage, red lips and ever an airstream….. Yep, I’m on board!!!! Audrey is a dream to work with! Petite, lively and those eyes! I am fortunate to have her as one of my Senior models for the class of 2015! This shoot was photographed mainly at the Metro Hotel in Petaluma. Thank you so much to David for your hospitality! Audrey’s hair and makeup by “Dukes and Dolls” Petaluma. Audrey nailed her look for this shoot…The outfits where perfect ( I normally don’t like stripes, but they really work here) right down to those awesome blue pumps!






















Petaluma senior portrait photographer/ Shanelle’s city chic & country sweet session

Every once in a while, I get a client that absolutely blows me away with their natural modeling ability and she’s drop dead gorgeous! Oh, and did I mention she’s super down to earth and just a genuinely nice person? Shanelle ( even her name is awesome) is definitely one of these amazing clients. Honestly , I didn’t see it coming during our consultation! But WOW, add some fabulous clothes, hair & make up and a stunning model shines through! She has a great eye for style and what colors look best with her hair & completion. Since I offer up to 6 clothing changes with most of the Senior Portrait sessions, I recommend making the most of your looks. Shanelle really varied her looks from a chic, uptown look ( complete with vintage accessories from very special family members) to charming and soft country looks including a fresh daisy crown made by yours truly.