Petaluma Senior Photos/ Kylie’s Town and Country Photoshoot

Senior girl close up with hat in field of flowers

Let’s talk about cute outfits for senior photos……

Kylie was a dream to photograph…..obviously she’s a beauty, but she also exuded a free and fun spirit that comes through in the photoshoot. She put together some adorable outfits as well. Not too trendy, you want to be able to look at them in 10 years and not wonder “what was I thinking.” She wore the most beautiful flowing, pastel toned dress that her sister Shanelle had worn in her Senior photos several years ago. Maxi dresses in a fabric that has movement when the wind catches have a romantic, etherial vibe. I always like the look of a jeans and white shirt. It’s classic but the style of top worn can add that personal style. Rompers have recently become an essential part of any styled photoshoot. Paired with booties and a hat and belt ( see Kylie’s photos below) and Voila, super cute outfit! I always like the look of a jeans and white shirt. It’s classic but the style of top worn can add those personal style vibes. Rompers have recently become an essential part of any styled wardrobe change. Paired with booties and a hat and belt ( see Kylie’s photos below) and Voila, super cute outfit!

Kylie was photographed during this years spectacular spring! With all the rain we had this year, the wildflowers were in full bloom in the Sonoma County countryside. Chocolate Horse Farm ( where I’ve been riding for about 17 years) is my go to spot for Sonoma Countys rolling hills. Petaluma’s historic and charming downtown was also used as a backdrop for Kylie’s Senior photos. Lindsey Neuerburg at Urban Elements Salon added gorgeous hair extensions for the photoshoot and Senior Prom.

Petaluma Senior portrait photography
Senior photos
Senior portraits
Petaluma Senior photos
Petaluma Senior portrait of girl wearing a hat in wildflowers
Senior photo of girl in wildflowers

Petaluma Boudoir Photographer Getting sultry Boudoir photoshoot

So many times during my boudoir photo shoots, I hear ladies saying they are doing a boudoir photoshoot is to make them feel and look beautiful. Feel like a WOMAN!!!! In this rat race we call life these days, there is just not enough time to look and feel like a sexy, desirable woman.  Add kids to that and your lucky to brush your teeth and comb your hair before walking out the door. Beautiful Alice, pictured below is the mother of seven children!!! Yes, that’s right…..SEVEN! My hat is off to this courageous lady. Actually, she handles it beautifully and has A GREAT sense of humor. If anyone needs a time out to feel and look super hot, it’s a woman with kids…..



Petaluma Senior photographer/ Lauren’s traditional saree and boho photoshoot

Lauren is a senior at St. Vincent’s in Petaluma! Her photo shoot is a beautiful combination of traditional (with her beautiful and colorful sarees) to boho chic. Lauren’s grandmother came quite a distance to help her with the sarees. These are such exquisite pieces, I wish I had a reason to wear one! For the most part, the sarees were photographed in the studio, but I also thought it would be amazing to have the wind blowing them. Lucky us, it was a windy day! I used to hate photographing on windy days but I’ve come to embrace it. It’s so lovely and real to have the a light wind in the hair and flowy fabrics. Although when it came to the teepee, the wind was a bit much LOL! I loved working with Lauren, capturing her traditional and boho looks!

Bay Area Boudoir Photographer/ Pin-up, Retro, Rockabilly boudoir shoot

Beautiful Sarah embodies the perfect retro, pin-up girl! With her luminous alabaster skin and rocking’ red hair, big blue eyes and retro wardrobe, Sarah was so much fun to photograph!!! If your thinking a doing a boudoir shoot with a certain look, I always recommend meeting for a consultation to discuss all the little details to make the photos extraordinary!      

Sonoma County Photographer/ Organic garden editorial with blogger Irina Webb

In honor of Earth Day, today’s post is about popular health blogger Irina Webb, author of “I read labels for you”! To find out more about Irina, here is the link to her website The photos were taken on Irina’s birthday at “Willow Farms Organics” in Penngrove. The owner of the farm (pictured with Irina below) is a big fan of Irina’s blog and led us around the beautiful garden and barn. We only spent an hour shooting before her Birthday party got into full swing. I hope the rest of the day was wonderful Irina!


Irina watering the kale at Willow Farms Organics in Penngrove


















North Bay Area Boudoir Photographer/ Mary’s photo shoot for her Lt. Colonel airman in Kuwait

It’s that time of year again……Love is in the air and here’s a fun love story!

Mary and Mac met years ago when she was a Playboy Bunny at the Lake Geneva, WIS  Club ( home of many Chicago mobsters in the early days) and Mac an Airman in the Air Force! WAY TO GO MAR!!!! But the timing wasn’t right, and sadly they parted ways. Years later in a parking lot of all places, they happened to run into each other! Mary, now very successful in real estate and Mac, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force! They reconnected but sadly Mac was  sent as a private defense contractor to run the Efforts in Kuwait as chief of the El Mubarek AFB….(32 years of service to our country so far!) They are continuing there relationship, long distance. Mary in the Bay Area and Mac in Kuwait. To keep that flame hot, Mary did a photoshoot with me! I photographed her in the studio and on location on Sonoma Mountain.The outdoor photos focus on the outdoor lifestyle the two like to share. I loved working with this outgoing and beautiful woman! I designed a book for her to give to Mac for Christmas! Well…….It was a hit! Below is an email I received from Mary.

























According to Mac….you are the official favorite photog of El Mubarek AFB in Kuwait….Hahahahah…the men there saw the book you made for me on top of Mac’s Christmas box the day it arrived at his office and he went out to a hanger to tend to something and when he came back he said there were no less than 10 airmen sitting in his office…A lieutenant said ” Fuck Col Mac, we’ve got a whole new level of respect for you now…how the hell did you ever a get a woman like that …IS SHE BLIND???”
Soooo funny!

Petaluma Boudoir Photographer/April’s Valentine’s Day Surprise!

April’s super sexy photo shoot is a Valentine’s gift for her husband…. This gorgeous woman is one hot mama to 4 girls! This session was shot in the studio with a combination of natural light and studio strobe lights. April’s hair & makeup was done to perfection by Michelle at “Essence Hair Studio”. The wardrobe was simple and classic with a selection of lovely bras and panties, pearls, torn jeans, heels and stockings. I like to shoot a combination of beauty and artistic images during my boudoir sessions. To add a little more fun to this session, April wore athletic apparel from her hubby’s favorite college football team! I’m sure her man will LOVE all of them!