Bay Area Senior portrait artist/ Emily’s Modern Americana Session


Emily is one of my Senior Models for the Casa Grande class of 2014! Emily, along with he mother Lisa & I met before her shoot at Robindira Unsworth’s boutique to put together the outfits for her styled shoot. Emily has the most beautiful wardrobe ever! There were so many amazing choices, my head was spinning with the possibilities. In addition to the fabulous wardrobe……. the accessory options were off the hook! Lisa manages Robindira’s store and had a vast collection of  her jewelry pieces plus we were able to pull items from the store! I knew I wanted to shoot at the chic Metro Hotel in downtown Petaluma. The colors we pulled that would work at the bright red building were red, white and blue (not the usually shade) and black. Blue being the accent color. Special thanks to Lisa Panacci for all your work on this project!


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