Bay Area Senior photographer/ Celine’s San Francisco and Studio shoot

Congratulations to beautiful and sweet Celine on your graduation last weekend! Also on being “Petaluma High” Prom Queen! This blog has been a while in the making. With so so many stunning images of this gorgeous young lady, I wanted to post them all! Celine is one of my Senior rep/models for the class of 2015, so we wanted to do something extra special. Celine’s Mom Nancy is an incredibly talented makeup artist and the owner of “Blush Petaluma”. Naturally, Nancy was on location with us making sure Celine’s makeup was flawless. I’m happy to say, Nancy and I work together quite a bit! The photo shoot was done in two days. First day we went to the city and shot in three different locations. Photographing Celine in the red gown at San Francisco City Hall was a photographer’s dream! As was the Palace of Fine Arts! O.K., the whole thing was pretty amazing! The second day we used my studio and garden. Celine wore her hair straight and had a more natural look. I loved the oversized sweater and sox in the studio. For the garden photos, I pulled out one of my favorite  kimonos from Australia’s “Spell Designs” for a beautiful boho look. It was such an amazing experience to work together with such beautiful and talented women! Celine, Nancy and Janelle ( Celine’s sister) will be collaborating again this  summer on an editorial fashion shoot! I’m so looking forward to it……. XOXO, Mary


Celine00  Celine01   Celine02  Celine04  Celine05 Celine  Celine06 Celine07 Celine08 Celine09  Celine10 Celine11 Celine12 Celine13  Celine15  Celine17  Celine18  Celine19Celine21 Celine22  Celine23  Celine25 Celine26 Celine27  Celine30  Celine31 Celine32 Celine33  Celine34 Celine35 Celine36  Celine37  Celine38 Celine39   Celine41 Celine42  Celine44  Celine45  Celine46  Celine47  Celine48  Celine49  Celine50  Celine51  Celine52  Celine53 Celine54 Celine55 Celine56  Celine57  Celine58


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