SF Bay Area Lifestyle Boudoir Photography with Calvin Klein, Coffee & Gucci

Liza, my favorite Muse graces my website…..and why not? We have been working together for about 8 years! We inspire each other and always have fun during our photo shoots. She’s like a Russian doll complete with the Red Sparrow accent. Sorry sweetie, I still hear it! From our “Marilyn” shoot to “Gypsy Queen”, “Bandit Babe” and everything in between, here is part of our latest collaboration! Just Liza…. 

Jeans- Madewell

Sweater – Ooh La Luxe

Calvin Klein underwear- Urban Outfitters

Pink faux fur coat- Forever 21



playful boudoir

Bay Area Model photographer/Devin’s modeling portfolio shoot

Devin and I met while she was working as a barista and going to school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco! I was thrilled to work with this exotic beauty! This photo shoot was for her modeling portfolio with a strong boudoir influence. The styling is modern and classic using several outfits from “For Love and Lemons”  “Burberry” and vintage items. My favorite piece has to be the black velvet high waisted skivvies from “For Love and Lemons”. Devin looked AMAZING in them!



DR03  DR04  DR05  DR06  DR07  Dr08  DR09  DR10  DR11  DR12  DR13  DR14  DR15  DR16  DR17  DR18  DR19  DR20  DR21  DR22  DR23  DR25  DR26  DR27  DR28

North Bay Area Boudoir Photographer/ Mary’s photo shoot for her Lt. Colonel airman in Kuwait

It’s that time of year again……Love is in the air and here’s a fun love story!

Mary and Mac met years ago when she was a Playboy Bunny at the Lake Geneva, WIS  Club ( home of many Chicago mobsters in the early days) and Mac an Airman in the Air Force! WAY TO GO MAR!!!! But the timing wasn’t right, and sadly they parted ways. Years later in a parking lot of all places, they happened to run into each other! Mary, now very successful in real estate and Mac, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force! They reconnected but sadly Mac was  sent as a private defense contractor to run the Efforts in Kuwait as chief of the El Mubarek AFB….(32 years of service to our country so far!) They are continuing there relationship, long distance. Mary in the Bay Area and Mac in Kuwait. To keep that flame hot, Mary did a photoshoot with me! I photographed her in the studio and on location on Sonoma Mountain.The outdoor photos focus on the outdoor lifestyle the two like to share. I loved working with this outgoing and beautiful woman! I designed a book for her to give to Mac for Christmas! Well…….It was a hit! Below is an email I received from Mary.

























According to Mac….you are the official favorite photog of El Mubarek AFB in Kuwait….Hahahahah…the men there saw the book you made for me on top of Mac’s Christmas box the day it arrived at his office and he went out to a hanger to tend to something and when he came back he said there were no less than 10 airmen sitting in his office…A lieutenant said ” Fuck Col Mac, we’ve got a whole new level of respect for you now…how the hell did you ever a get a woman like that …IS SHE BLIND???”
Soooo funny!

Whimsical Spring Fashion Photography

                                  This lovely shoot was a  Collaboration with Ooh La Loft and their new clothing line Olympia Elizabeth! 

Oh Yes, and a lovely mint slip from my vintage collection! The ladies from Olympia Elizabeth had this to say about Spring Fashion…….

Spring’s top fashion trends include longer skirts, capes and ponchos, lace and glamorous grunge styles.  

Skirts are going down to the knee or below, long skirts are always fashionable. There was a predominance of pastel colors

on the spring runways, showing shift dresses and sporty, shiny jackets.

In shoes, loafers are stylish again, flat or on a heel. Boots are always a must in high fashion. Handbags are more structured,

 moving away from a lot of hardware to simpler, lighter-weight bags. The 1960’s mod look is back, as well as the oversized

proportions and exaggerated shoulders of the 1070’s, along with capes blouses and wide-leg pants.

away from a lot of hardware to simpler, lighter-weight bags.

San Francisco Fashion Photographer/ model Laura Myers

A few months ago I joined Model Mayhem. I LOVE fashion and wanted to explore that world! Shortly after, I received a message from Laura saying she would be in my area soon and wanted to know if I was interested in working with her. After reviewing her portfolio, I was stunned! This girl was AMAZING!! What a chameleon! I had no idea what she really looked like. Every look completely different and exciting, very much Lady GAGA! To make all this magic…. she is her own MUA (make up artist). When we did meet , I was surprised to see what looked like a little girl (in reality, she’s 21) with very light blonde hair with a disarmingly sweet Alabama accent. A far cry from her seriously edgy looks.  After we discussed wardrobe, Laura morphed into a very sophisticated/sexy Equestrienne w/ a French twist. We did a softer look with an Emilio Pucci Vintage Dress and hat, then a semi-nude mermaid in the pool. The day was in the triple digits so ending up in the pool felt great! This was one of 2 shoots I had with this talented young woman. Stay tuned for part two….