San Francisco Fashion Photographer/ model Laura Myers

A few months ago I joined Model Mayhem. I LOVE fashion and wanted to explore that world! Shortly after, I received a message from Laura saying she would be in my area soon and wanted to know if I was interested in working with her. After reviewing her portfolio, I was stunned! This girl was AMAZING!! What a chameleon! I had no idea what she really looked like. Every look completely different and exciting, very much Lady GAGA! To make all this magic…. she is her own MUA (make up artist). When we did meet , I was surprised to see what looked like a little girl (in reality, she’s 21) with very light blonde hair with a disarmingly sweet Alabama accent. A far cry from her seriously edgy looks.  After we discussed wardrobe, Laura morphed into a very sophisticated/sexy Equestrienne w/ a French twist. We did a softer look with an Emilio Pucci Vintage Dress and hat, then a semi-nude mermaid in the pool. The day was in the triple digits so ending up in the pool felt great! This was one of 2 shoots I had with this talented young woman. Stay tuned for part two….

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