San Francisco Power Couple/ Farah & Victor Makras

 Farah and Victor Makras have been named one of 2017’s power couples by “The Nob Hill Gazette”…….  Victor, a real estate guru and his beautiful wife Farah, a well known philanthropist, have been known to throw fabulous parties at their Marina mansion says the Gazette.

We met on a foggy spring day at their SPECTACULAR Marina Blvd. mansion. I have always swooned over these homes with their iconic views and beautiful architecture. Seeing these homes dressed up for the holidays is something I look forward to every year! When I arrived, makeup artist Andrea Ortega Costigan, co-founder of Salt Spell Beauty in Marin was putting the finishing touches on Farah’s hair & makeup. As they were finishing up, I looked around the main floor for the best locations to shoot. With it’s wide open windows facing the Marina, there was plenty of natural light to photograph with. I was struck by some of the features in the home, like the fireplace that reminded me of a glass of sparkling rose’. Victor said it was made with metal tiles and glass that looked like pieces of amber that the flames burned through. The tiny bulb ceiling lighting is absolutely genius! And of course the iconic San Francisco views take your breath away.

Victor and Farah are an absolutely lovely couple inside and out. They met in San Francisco 20 years ago. Victor describes noticing Farah’s beauty and style first, but her laugh was a close second states “The Gazette”. Actually both Farah and Victor have impeccable style.

While I was there, the Mayor called! Not surprising since the couple has close ties to City Hall. Victor has worked as a Commissioner for both SF Police and SF Fire. Dept.  Photos of Farah, Victor and their beautiful home below!

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