Bay Area recording artist photographer/ Atea

Atea is  17 and already has a singing/songwriting career that is ready to soar to amazing heights!!! She has a song coming out in a major motion picture February ’16!!! Atea has a video out (link below) and a new website that she needed photos for.

When her Mom ( Tracy) contacted me about this project, I was beyond thrilled! She had a branding board with colors and moods I needed to create for her. I was totally up for this and had 4 days to plan the shoot and come up with a team for hair & makeup. Nancy  Ghattas- Mughannam at Blush created Atea’s makeup look and Angela Johnson Hinds did Atea’s hair.

It was such an honor photographing this super talented and beautiful young woman, I can’t wait to see her star shine!!!

Watch Atea’s video here……

After our shoot, I received this message from Tracy. I’ll cherish this forever!!!!

Mary Jean Murphy, you are simply the best photographer that has ever lived. In record time you threw together an incredible hair and makeup team and created the most amazing photographs my daughter has ever taken. You’re not just a phenomenal photographer. You’re a set designer. You’re a stylist. You’re an artist. And you do it all with such ease and humor. Thank you so much for taking this huge weight off my shoulders and making something that is normally so stressful for us actually fun. Now my daughter will have stunning photos to accompany the release of her new song and website!


Atea01  Atea02  Atea03  Atea04  Atea05  Atea06  Atea07  Atea09  Atea10  Atea11  Atea12  Atea13  Atea15  Atea16  Atea17  Atea18  Atea19  Atea20  Atea21  Atea22  Atea23 

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