Equestrian style family photo

Petaluma Family Portraits / The Del Toro’s Chic Equestrian Style photos

     The Del Toro Family has a special place in my heart…… They are truly such a beautiful family inside and out.  I’ve known Jeanny since she was about 10 years old, as she grew grew up a couple house down from me with her 2 sisters and parents. We’ve kept in touch over the years and I’ve watched her grow into the beautiful, confident woman she is today! Jeanny & Erik wanted to do something classic and beautiful for her family portrait that included horses. We photographed at Hidden Gem Farms in Petaluma, a beautiful Equestrian facility that specializes in Saddle Seat with their stunning Arabian horses! I’ve had the pleasure of riding and photographing on the property and knew it would be perfect.  The outfits Jeanny chose for the family gave it that classic chic Equestrian style, very Ralph Lauren. Little Miss Valentina stole the show, I mean come on, she’s a real life doll! JP was such a delight and gentleman, greeting me with a warm hug and totally bonding with the horses. 

Equestrian style family photo
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