Charlotte & Abe/ Senior portraits/ A girl and her horse

Senior portrait with horses

Meet Charlotte and her horse Abe! Charlotte is an Ambassador for Mary J Murphy Senior Portraits from Petaluma High School . We met at Chocolate Horse Farm where we both ride horses a couple of years ago. Several months ago I saw her at St. Vincent’s Senior prom all done up in a beautiful dress with hair and makeup. I had know idea who she was but I knew she was someone I knew. Normally I see Charlotte in riding breeches & boots with her hair tucked into a helmet. It took a couple of hours until I realized who she was.

Abe is Charlotte’s 6 year old warmblood horse. Together, Charlotte & Abe compete in Three Day Eventing. A breathtaking sport that includes Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country Jumping. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Charlotte & Abe were photographed at Chocolate Horse Farm in Petaluma!


Sunset with a girl and horse
image of girl making a wish
girl riding bareback in a field
girl walking in forest