SweetVintage shoot in Sonoma County

This personal project bring many of my favorite things together. The models are my son Matt and his good friend Liza.  My horse Oliver did a great job eating grass and looking handsome.

Liza and I styled the shoot! The vintage clothing was pulled from our own collections and a little shopping in Downtown Petaluma antique shops. I made a flower headpiece for each one of Liza’s ensembles.

We started in the studio with natural window light. The ballerina on pointe is Rachel Sustek.
Rustic old trucks make great props!
The necklace is from the 1940's. My Grandmother was wardrobe mistress at MGM in the 40's and I believe this piece was worn perhaps in a 1940's movie.
My Great Grandmother was the wardrobe mistress at MGM in the 1940’s, this necklace was one of her pieces.
Pretty in Purple
This sweet vintage slip is updated with the wide belt and chunky necklace.
Mini treats from Starbucks were lovely and delicious! Cake pops, what splendid idea.
Oliver doing what he does best!
Matty looks so handsome
Matty looking super handsome
This awsome belt was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the first Sex and the City Movie.
Oh, la,la
This beautiful spot was originally occupied by native American’s. I can see why they lived here.
Beautiful evening sun filters through the oak trees
Sweetness in a vintage long gown and a Juicy Couture shrug.
Sunset Under the willows
My sweet Mickey, who accompanies me on many of my photo shoots, is always the ladies man.


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